Surya Foundation provide support for many social causes. But organization’s primary key work is to provide every possible support for education and health

Organization follows the following steps to provide help for Medical Treatment.

  1. .Accepting the case: The first step in the process of workflow is to accepting the cases. By this organisation will be enable to know about what we has to provide and support, but is should be kept in mind that the case should not be unmanageable in nature and should base on the policies of the organization.
  2. Conducting Managerial Meeting: The second step in the process of workflow is to conducting managerial meeting. The managerial meeting should be conducted within 3 days of case acceptance. Quorum for such meeting shall be 3/5th of the members.
  3. Defining the disease: The disease should be very clear in the mind of the managing committee as this will lead to the clarity of the disease.
  4. Review of Reports and Statements: Review of reports and statements is an important stage of organisational structure. In this stage all medical reports, relating documents and statements were reviews and analyses.
  5. Defining amount of help for Treatment: As the cost of treatment is already decided by the Doctor/Hospital. But in Surya Foundation, committee member will decide amount of treatment that organisation can grant. The amount of grant is decided after hospital visit, verification through hospital, patient, family’s income relating documents and criteria and policies if the organization.
  6. Primary solution for grant: The primary solution for treatment grant is funds available in the organization.
  7. Search for alternatives Solution: If lack of availability of funds arises in the organization, then organisation will look forward for alternatives i.e. Government Grants, Other trusts, Corporates, Crowd Funding, etc.
  8. Gather data about alternatives: In this step of workflow, organisation will search for alternatives for medical treatment grants and gathering information about available option with all possibilities.
  9. Selecting the Solution: This is final stage of workflow, in this organisation select the best solution for giving medical treatment grant.
  10. Saves the Life

Organization follows the following steps to provide help for Educational Support.

Students will be selected on the following basis

  1. Accepting Application Form
  2. Document Verification.
  3. Home Visit.
  4. School Visit