Treatment for All

Surya Foundation is intended to create happiness and joy in each one’s life by helping people to get better medicine and health facilities. Surya Foundation believes that healthy life with thriving brain will flourish humanity and will become a reason for each one’s glory and prosperity. Surya Foundation is doing magnificent work by connecting people to government schemes and grant to get a better treatment and health insurance and facilities.

Due to changing weather conditions and irregularities seen in seasons majority of people with low immunity are highly affected. Poverty has remained consistent in India and not all are able to go for costly treatments. With rising world population, there are no simultaneous progression and improvements seen in health and medical facilities in developing countries. Due to large population and lack of availability of instruments and technologies at hospitals, not everyone is able to get a better health facilities and avail for a treatment soon as necessary. In this conditions, only the high class families can afford for better treatment while poor class people struggles. Many people are not even aware of various schemes provided by the government. In this scenario, Surya Foundation sets – up camps and even visits local people in personal to facilitate and guide them on various schemes of the state and central governments those linked to medical and health facilities and helps them in every possible way to avail those.

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Primary health centers at villages are not furnished with better equipment to deal in all situations. A developing country with large population do not have enough hospitals, equipment and trained staff to handle the volume of people who needs care. With rising economy and industries, health risk has aloft and access to medicine and health care products has significantly increased. This has ingress the cost of medicine and health care products along with medical tests and treatment. It is certainly difficult for a common people and poor to find an expensive medical aid. Hence, Surya Foundation become a backbone to many needy people and raising funds for a patient or his family in need.

Surya Foundation also supports unaffordable patients and their families by providing funds during their treatments. Surya Foundation also offers free medical tests facilities to these poor class people and neediest through a pathological laboratory in Kalewadi, Pimpri, Pune. Also, frequent health check-up camps are being organized by the team members of Surya Foundation, where, people are provided with free medicines and medical treatment.

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