Student First – Education For All

As a child grows in a fascinating environment in its surrounding, ample of questions arose in its mind, and eager to find out the answers to every question that made it think, it tries to look for the answers. Education becomes a stream of source, unrevealing the mystery of many questions stored in our brains during this enlightening journey. At every part of our life we make certain choices, and those choices then led our life. Education just enable us to ensure that the choices we make are right choices. One day, we may lose our wealth but the knowledge earned will remain forever with us. If one has to face the future effectively and to mark a victory, education plays a vital role.

With rising economy and market values, the cost of basic requirements is skywards. Everybody has realized the importance of education in today’s modern era and competition in every field of education is increasing day by day. Along with this competitive world, the value of educational needs has touched the peaks. The cost of stationary items has gone so high along with other accessories that students finds it difficult to meet all their basic needs for education. Higher class and affordable families have no major effect of these valuations on their standards of living but this has widely affected lower class and underprivileged societies.

Number of children are not able to attend school because of poor financial condition of their families. The poverty in India has remained consistent despite of many states and central government grants and schemes. Many underprivileged could not even afford for their daily meal, and this has roused child labours in different parts of the country. The main reason behind this fact is, a lack of education and awareness among this people. But now, many has understood the need of education, but could not afford for it.  Educating their child with low wages earned has certainly become impossible for them as the education fees has gone very high in these recent years. To get a better education with increasing cost on notebooks, stationaries and other essential have made it completely unaffordable for underprivileged students. Many dreams then tend to remain as a dream for those who can’t afford to worship a Treasure of Education. Surya Foundation is here to help and encourage these children to pursue their dream by supporting them to complete the course of education in all aspects.

Surya Foundation is adopting 1000 number of such students who dreams to learn but could not afford to go to the school. Surya Foundation will stay as a backbone to all those students by providing them with notebooks, textbooks, bags, stationaries and all essentials until they complete their education from primary to graduation. Education is a powerful weapon to bring positive changes in the world.  Help every child to reach us, whom you think should get a benefit from this service.