“Surya Foundation work to ensure that all people in the flood, landslide affected area are well nourished and receive optimal nutrition to promote their survival.”

Floods have been an annual feature for Maharashtra for as long as anyone can remember – but the intensity of the flooding has been increasing. A research paper published in the journal Nature in 2017 showed that the number of extreme rainfall events in India have tripled between 1950 and 2015, while there is an overall weakening of the monsoon circulation.

Natural calamities like floods, landslides occur every year in Maharashtra, in which thousands of people become homeless. In the time of natural calamities, the biggest problem in front of everyone is food, because the food at the time of disasters gets spoiled.


Maharashtra is home to natural calamities that knock every year. During the rainy days, there are reports of disasters like landslides, floods, in which thousands of people become homeless and start facing the problem of lack of food. During this, Surya Foundation works to deliver food and essential items to those people. Since the year 2017, the organization reaches out to the families affected by natural calamities every year.