Surya Foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees, who are supported by an Advisory Panel comprising of individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise. We are a diverse team of dedicated professionals united by the belief that ‘free education and free treatment drives impact’. By leveraging support from society and corporates, we empower underprivileged students with educational support, Scholarships, etc. and support for treatment for needy patients.

“Surya Foundation’s wisdom collective which shares a firm belief in the value of public trust and holds needy people’s interests above all else.”


Founder & President

Dinesh, the founder and President of Surya Foundation is a Microbiology Graduate from University of Pune. He has more than 11 years of experience in social service work. Dinesh’s passion lies in unlocking peoples’ potential to take transformative action that will deliver impact for marginalized children and communities. He believes that children can change the world and hopes to make a difference in children’s lives through his work with Surya.  In addition to Surya Foundation, Dinesh also served various National and International organizations like Amnesty Internationals, Serve Needy-Hyderabad, Tarunai (Dr. Ravindra Kolhe), Snehalaya, Robin Hood Army.


Founder & Vice - President

Shubham believes that education and health are the very foundation of every nation’s growth and development aspirations. It was this belief that fuelled his passion for education and health which inspired him to become a full fledged part of the social sector in 2012. A post graduate from University of Pune, with an experience of 10 years is working with Surya Foundation as Chief Operating Officer from its inception, leading the strategic planning process and executing the business plan of the organization including resource mobilization at program and project level. Responsible for overall operation of the organization including budget management, mentoring support to departmental heads and strategic direction and strengthening the policy and process. Over the years, he has built a solid organizational framework for Surya Foundation which reflects the values of justice and equity.



Pramod Vishwakarma, Secretary of the Surya Foundation has acquired his Graduation from University of Pune and PGDM from MITSDE. He has more than 4 years of experience in the corporate domain, and currently working in Infosys. He is a goal-driven, persistent individual working towards propelling his efforts towards the Community development, right to education and save environment. Pramod is serving as secretary to the Surya Foundation from 2016 and in this position, he works closely with the committee members, event partners, coordinators and provides administrative assistance. He provides technical and logistical support for the organization’s campaigns.



Arun, a Mechanical Engineer at Nypun Tooling and press component working with Surya Foundation from its inception. He deeply believes in everyone’s right to a happy and he contributes to the cause through his work with Surya Foundation. He has associated with those social causes which aimed at alleviating various social malaise and bridging the gap or disparity in the society through various initiatives on education, healthcare, livelihood and capacity building. He has been Surya Foundation’s treasurer since 2021 and brings a wealth of financial expertise to Surya Foundation’s operations.



Omprakash Solanki, a post graduate from University of Pune is a board member of Surya Foundation. He has 3 years of experience in the corporate domain and more than 7 years of experience in the social activity field. He had started her career with Atos Syntel and later moved to Infosys. Currently along with Infosys, he is also serving the Surya Foundation. For nearly 7 years, Omprakash actively working to build the capacity of parents to support their child’s early education and thereby improve the learning outcomes of first generation students. Omprakash uses his grassroots experiences and learnings to make a meaningful contribution towards building friendly communities. He is currently working at Surya Foundation as Senior Associate – Livelihood Program and leading On-Ground Intervention. With their invaluable contribution, they make a big contribution in making the organization work in the right direction.



Sweta, working in the corporate domain as an accountant for more than 7 years and along with this she is also serving the Surya Foundation as a member. She has always been inclined towards working on development issues which inspired him to choose the path of development. She considers discipline to be a routine act, a kind of command to her that sets her free to fly. He is an avid reader, and passionate about art. Crossing over the path to the Social sector gives her immense satisfaction and believing that it will be a great learning journey with meaning. She joined Surya Foundation in 2014 as a Partnership and Engagement Associate.


Honorary Member

A graduate from University of Pune and Diploma in Automation Testing from CMS, Phalguni Datta is an honorary member of the Surya Foundation and works as an event planner and organizer at the Surya Foundation. She has 5 years of experience in the corporate domain and more than 7 years of experience in the social activity work. She had started her career with Atos Syntel and later moved to Allscripts, Now along with her corporate profile she is a part of Surya Foundation also. She had decided during her primary education that in future she would do social work so that the needy people could be helped. While following the path decided earlier, she started doing social work. In the primary phase, she made all possible efforts at her level, which included giving blankets to the people sleeping on the road, feeding the hungry, spreading awareness among the people, etc. When she felt that now this work would have to be taken to a different level, then she joined the Surya Foundation in the year 2017 and gave a new direction to her social work. While making an invaluable contribution to the organization, she works on initiatives related to women’s health and education. She likes to work on the problems like health related, education related and primary needs of the people.


Honorary Member

A graduate from University of Pune, Aishwarya Nikhre is an honorary member and works as an event planner and organizer at the Surya Foundation. With over 4 years of work experience, she started her journey with Ocwen Company and later moved to Mphasis, currently she is working with While working in his corporate domain, she noticed many problems in the society, in which the thing that bothered her the most was the lack of skills in the children. She found only one thing as a solution to this problem, in which she came to the conclusion that children should be given all the skills from childhood so that they do not have to face more difficulties in future. Thereafter she joined Surya Foundation and took over as the organizer of the skill development events in Surya Foundation in 2020. Aishwarya works on skill development of children and also for awareness campaigns regarding various social causes. Apart from work, she is interested in yoga and art.


Honorary Member

A graduate from University of Pune, Deepak Gupta is an honorary member and works as an advisor and event coordinator at the Surya Foundation. He has more than 5 years of experience in the corporate domain. He started his journey with NSB & Group, after that he moved to Infosys and is currently working with Mphasis. He has been with the organization since its inception. During the college days, he used to participate in every initiative of the organization and made his invaluable contribution. His interest is more towards education and sports. He provides strategic planning and leads relationships with the local community as well as with executives from various sectors.