“Surya Foundation gives opportunity to the youth of today's era in the form of internship where they can understand different situations of society during their work, understand the need and importance of social work.”

SURYA Foundation offers internship opportunities to interested individuals. These are awarded after screening the applications. All interns are required to become Volunteers of the SURYA Foundation.

As we are dedicated to helping the needy, interns will be provided with a stipend towards their expenses depending on their commitments. This shall be paid at the end of the second month after completion of one month and having a satisfactory report of performance. Interns for shorter-term (one month and less) will not get any compensation. Accommodation and local conveyance expenses will need to be borne by the interns.


Thank you for your interest in internship opportunities with the Surya Foundation! Print the following form and complete it to the best of your ability. Applications can be emailed to and should include this form and a resume.