Know Us

Surya Foundation is among those organizations of India, who are working selflessly with the determination of the development of the country, welfare of the people and lifelong social service. The Surya Foundation started in December 2015 when some friends selflessly agreed to do something for their society. In the initial days, spreading awareness among the people, feeding the needy people, distributing clothes etc. were organized. But as time went on we felt that something should be done that would benefit the people for a long time. Thereafter, Surya Foundation was officially registered on 26 October, 2016.

In today’s time, treating people with major diseases is the biggest challenge. Because the cost of treatment of major diseases is usually high, which is very high for the general public. Hence our only vision is to ‘Reach out to people, understand their life, avail them the health benefits that governments provide, walk with them to tackle all the hurdles and provide financial support for medical aid’. We very well understood that the path we have chosen is one of the toughest one however we are made of rocks and act like a warrior when it is matter of someone’s right to live with dignity.

We as a team at Surya Foundation started working with a team of mere 7 people in October 2016 and welcomed more volunteers in days ahead and now we are a team of 50+ members within a short span of time with 200+ student volunteers. We are growing every day, everywhere in everyone’s life, we are creating happiness in lives, we are building up hopes, and we are building the trust in everyone’s heart that we are always along at the time of need.