Since the day from Janta Curfew & 21 days lock down has taken place to save every Citizens from Corona virus (covid-19).
That’s a great initiative has been taken by the GOI to protect and save our people.
Peoples are safe & quarantine in there own house, IT employees are working from home & even the person working in Companies and organised sector are getting paid.
But what about the daily wages workers of unorganized sector and their family. Currently they are not working due to COVID-19 and become helpless because of financial problems. They are suffering from lack food and grains, necessary household things, etc. and sometimes they are sleeping without having meal.
Surya Foundation has started this invitation to feed them & provide them grains. So no one will sleep hungry.
It’s our social responsibility.
It look great to see smiling them while getting help.
Money can be earned, Not life

Note:- If you are willing to help but you can’t, then please share this as much as possible. That will be great help.

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