How We Are Different

Surya Foundation came into existence on 26 October 2016. In the initial phase, Surya Foundation took programs like awareness campaigns, environment protection, child welfare. But as time preceded, we realized that due to the high cost of treatment in the hospitals today, many peoples are unable to get the necessary treatment and is the foremost reason behind the majority of deaths.

Although there are many medical facilities and grants, various schemes and policies permitted by the Government for people in our country many could not avail during the crucial time for their treatment and many are not even aware of those, Surya Foundation is here to help indigents by properly guiding them to take the advantage of this facilities and even raises funds for a poor family who can’t afford for major treatment.

       What we are doing at Surya Foundation and How we differ from other NGOs?

  • There are several reasons to make Surya Foundation a unique and synonymous with the ideas and a transparent NGO in India.
  • People were tired of not getting help for a medical treatment which cause several issues i.e. death. We provide direct help without any caste and creed.
  • The Surya Foundation is the only NGO that provide free services that fill gaps left by the private and public sector.
  • Ever since it was formed in 2016, the Surya Foundation has been setting the benchmark for transparency & probity.
  • Surya Foundation is one of the NGOs that maintain the complete records of funds and generate reports publically.

We think every citizen of India is equal before the government whenever a lack of availability of financial resources for medical treatments are required. Every time Surya Foundation is coming forward to support and provide help to every individual because Surya Foundation believes that every effort should be made to bring happiness and prosperity in everyone’s life and let everyone live with dignity and respect. Those who have less in life must have more in-laws.