Surya Foundation is generous to helps needy patient/families during the measure treatments by providing financial support. Our first key work is that all individuals should avail their fundamental right to access all medical and health facilitates. This organization is helping people to avail all government grants, schemes and policies to help out the financially week people for major treatments and also by raising funds, and helping those who needs just an extra support.

          We also provide free cost of education to the students from underprivileged areas by giving away them free notebooks and textbooks, and approaching them to take the free classes conducted by the volunteers at Surya Foundation.  The second most motive of this organization is to make plausible to access the most precious gift i.e. education for all. This non-profit organization provides support to needy students through various ways by furnishing them notebooks, textbooks, study materials, stationaries and financial support for education. With rising competition in the society the market values are heading skywards that has somewhere left behind the main motive and necessities behind the drive of terminating illiteracy in India. The cost of basic needs of the students even the stationery items are aloft all of a sudden that many unaffordable children are not able to access better study or study material of their choice

Our work is made possible through your generosity. Your contribution allows us to educate underprivileged Childs, needy students and also encourage us to support needy patients for measure disease. We gratefully accept your contribution to our efforts at educating and saving lives.

         Our main aim is to eradicate all sufferings and sorrows dwelling among our own people due to poverty, helplessness and extorting market values; and unveil happy and healthy nation. Surya Foundation is being doing magnificent work by helping needier and poor by providing them essential support and contributing towards the development of the society. This NGO act as mediator between society and government. When some issues are not solved or reached to the government, the NGO plays an important role in conveying this issue.