Food Bank

According to UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization, one-third of the total global food production is wasted, costing the world economy about $750 billion. Annually, close to 31 million of waste is dumped into open landfill sites. Around 67 million tons of food are wasted in India every year which has been valued at around 92000 crores which could have help feed entire population of the country for a month. Globally, India currently ranks seventh in terms of overall food wastage, agricultural produce and poultry. Each year about 1.3 billion tons of food are wasted and at the same time about 800 million people do not have access to sufficient and nutritious food. Although, second most populated country in the world, India has marked steady economic growth and has achieved self-sufficiency of food grain production in recent years and is been a prominent global voice that has made significant progress in human development over the past 60 years, but the benefits of a growing economy are not shared equally and the country is still a home to one-third of the world’s poor. Despite this, high level of poverty, foods insecurity and malnutrition persist and level of inequality and social exclusion are very high.

Looking at the existing scenario, we, at Surya Foundation has taken an initiative to abolish hunger in every possible way we can. Surya Foundation has set up food banks to meet the basic need of poor in the city area, Pune and in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand.

During the crisis of the covid-19, the supply of fruits, vegetables, grains and other grocery items had reduced to about 60% and people has witness major problems to reach out for groceries for daily kitchen. The supply of groceries especially in rural areas was utmost stopped. By late May the supply chain has recover, but due to the shortage of food, the prices were up reared. There was high disruption to the food supply in early lockdown period.  States with covid-19 cases experienced larger food shortages during Phase 1 of the lockdown. Essential services were not in place, shops were poorly stocked, vegetable and fruit prices were raise aloft three times the cost. ATMs were running low, banks were shut and many people were stranded in far destination. The essential commodities were not made available to the people and strong lockdown was imposed in all states. Many have lost their daily income during this continuous lockdown and thus had become difficult for daily waged workers to persevere in day to day life. Migrant labour had no ration card so that they could purchase the groceries available on ration. During this pandemic Surya Foundation has come forward for many people by distributing some essential grocery items to keep the citizens indoor and follow the regulations during the lockdown. Though there was a high risks alert raised in the country Surya Foundation has taken this challenge to reach out for people in need.

            Also, this non-profit organization is contributing to reduce hunger by serving nutritious meals to nearly 200 people in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand who aren’t able to avail for nutritious food or purchase monthly groceries. The residence of these small villages has to rely on the supply of groceries from elsewhere because very less population here is indulged in agriculture and production activities as the area is not suitable for cultivation and somewhere has remained as backward area. Moreover, this solitary village typically endowed with minimum supply food grains and other requirements which is very least for all locals to sustain. Considering these facts in mind, Surya Foundation has taken an initiative to run a Food bank which is broadly welcomed by the natives every week. Food bank is actively running in Jharkhand from May 2020 with a mission of distributing nutritious food to meet basic needs of the poor in the locality, and has served more than 3,2000 people in Maharashtra and Jharkhand. Through this initiative Surya Foundation has able to address the issue of malnutrition and breaking the cycle of poverty. The common issue for running a food bank is to convince potential donors to donate food, but many a times, affordable families in and around this locality donates grains by themselves which have made the work of running this initiative easier in this area, rest is resolved by our NGO that serve as source of support to the people in need and your aid in this contribution plays a vital role.

Your support for food donation will drive us to meet hungers of many poor. Your initiation will be a reason for somebodies’ family to rise again, to dream again, to stand again. We express delight as you plan to join us in this fight to reduce the hunger. Your contributions, suggestions and queries are welcomed.