Fight against hunger

Covid-19 has profoundly affected almost every aspect of life. Coronavirus pandemic is a major ongoing economic crisis across the globe and has caused economic recession widely. This recession has seen many unemployment in a country as many companies were not functioning during the initial lockdown, and many small businesses were dissolved as those companies were running into loss due to complete lockdown. Many factories and manufacturers were flake out due to unavailability of the raw material. The supply chain was ceased. People had to rely on the groceries stocked in stores, supermarkets, and locally available edibles. To meet daily meal had become difficult. There was food shortage everywhere in the country. Due to shortage of food the prices were gone high. Daily waged workers and labours after losing their work were not able to make a purchases for their daily meals. Many migrants were stranded in a hierarchy as they could not afford for rent, meal and were not even able to return back to their native place as neither buses, trains or planes were plying due to strong imposed lockdown.  It had become difficult for daily waged workers to endure in day to day life. Migrant labour had no ration card so that they could purchase the groceries available on ration. People were suffering from lack of food, grains and necessary household items. Surya Foundation hence started the initiative to feed the hunger and provide grains and essentials commodities to a families sleeping without meals or excluding food.

From the date of start of Janata Curfew from March 2020 Surya Foundation has started with the initiative to fight against hunger in the state Maharashtra by distributing some essential grocery items to keep the citizens indoor and follow the regulations during the lockdown. So far volunteers at Surya Foundation has served more than 1800 families and 5000+ migrants. Through this initiative, Surya Foundation is serving daily meals to beggars, helpless roadside families on streets, distributing free food to many migrants, daily wages workers and unaffordable.         

This group of volunteers is not only helping to reach out to the people in need but also make sure that it reaches to genuinely needy people. With the dedication of our volunteers, we strive to improve the lives of everyone who needs help. Those who don’t have anybody, we are here for them. Surya Foundation has come forward for roadside or needy people providing them a food, clothes, free treatment, shelter in old aged home, helping scavenger to meet way back home.