“We don’t want to protect environment, We want to create a world where the environment does not need protecting.”

Maharashtra lost over 1,500 sq. km. forests in 30 years

Deforestation is one of the most pressing environmental issues that the world is facing currently. In the past three decades, the Maharashtra state has lost a whopping 1,610 sq. km. of forests, says the annual administrative report of the Maharashtra forest department. Most of this loss, says the report, is due to either development projects or encroachment. According to the report, the forest area in the state totalled 62,971 sq. km. in 1984-85, which included 42,610 sq. km. of reserve forests and 15,340 sq. km. of protected forests, apart from 6,021 sq. km. of forests in other categories. As of December 2013, the total figure is down to 61,361 sq. km. There has been a drastic fall in the area of protected forests, which now stand at just 6,713 sq. km. The area of reserve forests now stands at 50,716 sq km.

The forested area in the state now stands at 17 per cent of the total land area of the state, whereas policy says 33 per cent land area should ideally be under forests.


• The initial goal of Surya Foundation is to plant 5,00,000 trees in the state and conserve them.
• Removing unauthorized posters, banners and wires from trees that damage them and shorten their lives.
• Collecting plastic waste and other waste from green areas and banks of rivers which causes a lot of damage to the environment.
• To spread awareness among the people related to various environmental  issues.
Tree Plantation
Surya Foundation understands the value of our environment and to protect it we are running a tree plantation campaign. Till now we’ve planted 3580 trees in Pune.
E-Waste Collection
E-waste management is becoming a huge public health issue and is exponentially increasing by the day. In order to separately collect, effectively treat, and dispose of e-waste, as well as divert it from conventional landfills and open burning,Surya Foundation is establishing mechanisms for handling and treatment of e-waste in a safe manner.
Awareness Campaigns
Realizing the importance of environment, Surya Foundation has been spreading awareness in the society since 2016 through the Save Environment initiative, under which tree plantation, safe disposal of waste etc. is being done.