Education for All

Everybody has realized the importance of education in today’s modern era. Education is very essential if one has to face the future effectively and to mark a victory of self-choice. With rising competition in the field of education, the value of educational needs in the market has touched the peaks along with school fees, that has somewhere left behind the main motive and necessities behind the drive of terminating illiteracy in India. The basic need of the students is a book. And if they are unable to avail their basic need, it remains a luxury for them. The cost of stationary items has gone so high along with other accessory items that students finds it difficult to meet all their basic needs for education. Number of children are not able to attend school because of poor financial condition of the families. To survive in the cities is another big challenge for people sustaining on low wages, and educating their child with this low income is certainly to impossible as the education fees has gone very high in recent years. The increasing cost on notebooks have made it completely unaffordable for the people in rural areas to purchase them. With this situation student either terminate their education or some underprivileged can’t even find a chance to see the classrooms how does it looks like. This would in turn result in a rise of illiteracy.

Taking this situation into consideration, Surya Foundation has come forward with the initiative of distributing notebooks at very low and affordable price. This drive is operating since October 2017, in Pune, Maharashtra. The cost at which notebooks are sold under this initiative is nearly 60% less than other notebooks available at the stationaries. The profit earn is thus spend on charity work. Textbooks of any subject are also made available for students of different age groups at lowest plausible price. Surya Foundation never takes a step back to help underprivileged students providing them with free notebooks and an access to textbooks. The volunteers at Surya Foundation also visits group of children who are holding many dreams in their eyes but still not able to attend schools due to some reasons; spending time in teaching them, with only goal of educating all who remains hindered from the school. Surya Foundation has re-cultivated interest and enthusiasm in the minds of these children towards study and education.

Surya Foundation has been organizing free notebooks and textbook distribution programs in Pune. More than 500 students every year are receiving support through this initiative. Please do support us, by donating your old books at Surya Foundation so that we could hand those to poor students in need. Your small approach will favour us to help more students and reach out for more children.