Coronavirus is a virus that usually causes illnesses ranging from common cold to several acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) to Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) according to World Health Organization (WHO). This type of viruses circulates in some wild animals and have the capability to transmit from animal to humans.

It mainly affects respiratory system in humans, along with other symptoms of common cold and fever. Coronavirus disease is a most infectious disease caused due to a newly discovered virus from the family of Coronavirus by China in December 2019. China alerted the WHO about the cases of unusual pneumonia in Wuhan on 31st December 2019. On 11 March 2020, WHO declared novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak as a pandemic and reiterated the call for country to take immediate action and scale up response to treat, detect and reduce transmission to save people’s lives. Till today the vaccine to cure from this disease is not yet found, however, one can avoid infection by maintaining basic personal hygiene and social distancing from infected person.

The year 2020 began with major challenge covid-19 in India too. Indian government urged immediate lockdown after receiving alert about the COVID-19 pandemic from WHO and increased awareness among the people and recommend individuals to maintain social distance and personal hygiene to elude away from causing this illness. Nevertheless, the first case of covid-19 in India was reported on 30 January 2020 and after 4 months this disease spread like a breezy wave in almost all parts of the country.  The coronavirus is spreading exponentially across all corners of India. The state Maharashtra was highly infected state in records and had maximum number of cases from beginning. Taking the situation into consideration a strong 21 days lockdown was imposed in the entire country.

Due to this lockdown there was high disruption to the food supply and groceries. Markets, shops, grocery stores, supermarket, were completely shut down for first three days of lockdown. Citizens were not prepared and strong lockdown was imposed without making any arrangements of required items for next 21 days. The essential commodities were not in place, shops were poorly stocked, fruits, vegetable and grains were not available for daily meal. For those who never keeps an extra stock of grains in the kitchen utilities had to struggle a lot to satiate their hunger. Nobody were running after the luxury during this pandemic, all struggle was to find a single meal per day.  People stranded in other location, beggars, families staying street-side, daily waged workers faced a lot during this crisis as they had no option to survive on as everything was closedown.  By late May, though the supply chain has recover, the price of fruits, vegetables, grains and other grocery items has up reared due to the shortage of food. The supply chain had reduced to about 60%. States with covid-19 cases experienced larger food shortages. Many have lost their daily income and jobs during this continuous lockdown as many companies and factories were not operating due to lack of supply of raw materials. The entire world is not only losing their economic strength but also lost millions of lives till date. Due to are insufficient land to maintain social distance, dense population, common toilets, shared utilities, slums, humid atmosphere etc. the situation has gone out of control and every day the number of cases are ascending.

Looking at this pandemic situation volunteers at Surya Foundation came forward to help people from in and around Pune by supplying some essential grocery items in every home to keep the citizens indoor and follow the regulations put forth by the government during the lockdown. Though there was a high risks alert raised in the country Surya Foundation took this challenge to reach out for people in need. Our selfless volunteers took the responsibility of distributing daily meals to beggars, people staying at street side and many migrants who were willing to go back to their native place when their daily incomes were hit.

To make availability of large supply of all commodities to carry out the work efficiently of distribution and supply of food to all people starving for a meal at a roadside was only possible when we could arrange all the essentials from where it was available. Unfortunately, there was lack of availability of groceries in the markets and stores for the purpose of distributing in a bulk to all and making the arrangement of all the requirements for large society was a big challenge. And once when the food distribution was undertaken by Surya Foundation, many requests from people in need for groceries started to arose rapidly. To supply necessary items and grains to every needy family would require huge stock of products and finance.

To make this all arrangements was certainly not possible without a support from some golden hearted people through various ways either by making availability of supply of grocery items, mineral water and other essentials or a financial support for transport. Each day was count when people were forcefully going for sleepy on hungry stomach. Wholesalers and retailers helped us by making the availability of products and essentials as required to us. Local police gave us major and positive support to carry out this activity by guiding and managing people to avoid gathering and maintain social distancing while the volunteers were distributing the groceries. This would have not been possible without the selflessly hardworking volunteers at Surya Foundation.

Surya Foundation has made it possible to arrange the stock as required and to reach out to every corner of city and fulfil the needs of every needy. Along with this Surya Foundation has successfully provide continues support to people with a lack of financial support by providing free groceries and health aids during this crisis of covid-19. Till now, Surya Foundation has supported 25000+ people by making the availability of groceries for them and has delivered free meals to 20000+ migrants on highways.