“Surya Foundation is helping people under this campaign whose lives have been badly affected by Corona pandemic. We made it possible to arrange meals as needed and to reach every corner of the city and meet the needs of every need.”

The year 2020 began with major challenge covid-19 in India. Indian government urged immediate lockdown after receiving alert about the COVID19 pandemic from WHO and increased awareness among the people and recommend individuals to maintain social distance and personal hygiene to elude away from causing this illness. The coronavirus is spreading exponentially across all corners of India. The state Maharashtra was highly infected state in records and had maximum number of cases from beginning. Taking the situation into consideration a strong 3 months lockdown was imposed in the entire country


Due to this lockdown there was high disruption to the food supply and groceries. Markets, shops, grocery stores, supermarket, were completely shut down in lockdown. Citizens were not prepared and strong lockdown was imposed without making any arrangements of required items. The essential commodities were not in place, shops were poorly stocked, fruits, vegetable and grains were not available for daily meal. For those who never keeps an extra stock of grains in the kitchen utilities had to struggle a lot to satiate their hunger. Nobody were running after the luxury during this pandemic, all struggle was to find a single meal per day. People stranded in other location, beggars, families staying street-side, daily waged workers faced a lot during this crisis as they had no option to survive on as everything was closedown. By late May, though the supply chain has recover, the price of fruits, vegetables, grains and other grocery items has up reared due to the shortage of food. The supply chain had reduced to about 60%. States with covid-19 cases experienced larger food shortages. Many have lost their daily income and jobs during this continuous lockdown as many companies and factories were not operating due to lack of supply of raw materials. The entire world is not only losing their economic strength but also lost millions of lives till date. Due to are insufficient land to maintain social distance, dense population, common toilets, shared utilities, slums, humid atmosphere etc. the situation has gone out of control and every day the number of cases are ascending




Food Bank in Jharkhand

People of a Village in Jamshedpur was struggling for three time meal in COVID-19, under this initiative Surya Foundation provided them with a basic need of food. Thousands of people was served under this initiative

Fight against Hunger in Maharashtra

Due to the global pandemic, the government had imposed lockdowns across the country, due to which the poor and daily wage workers started lacking food. At the time of this serious problem, the organization delivered groceries to thousands of families

3 times meal support to the migrants on highways

At the time of global pandemic, when people started migrating to their villages without money and food, at that time Surya Foundation had provided food assistance to more than 20000 people.