Charity Events

Food donation (01/01/2020)

The Food Distribution event took place in PCMC on 1st January 2020. 100 roadside homeless people were served during this event on the occasion of New Year celebration at PCMC by Surya Foundation. Many volunteers and people had participated in this event. Roadside beggars, homeless people were offered a plates full of meal.

Grains and clothes donation (07/07/2019)

A massive flood was occurred in Kolhapur and Sangli district in July – August 2019 due to heavy rains. The floods wreaked havoc in August that affected thousands of people from Kolhapur and Sangli. Surya Foundation spread a helping hands to the people in this affected areas by donating clothes and grains. On 7th August 2019, about 200 kg of rice and 200 kg of wheat flour were loaded on carrier along with clothes donated by kind hearted people.

Book donation (01/07/2019)

Surya Foundation has always led a step forward to help the students in pursuing their studies by providing them notebooks, textbooks and other stationary items at lowest price or free to underprivileged students, and is also offering various facilities to students. On 1st July 2019, Surya Foundation donated books to 50 kids in Shrirampur, by the hands of Mr. Suraj Suryavanshi, (President) of Social Service Foundation, a non-profit organization established in Shrirampur, Ahmednagar

Food donation at PCMC (01/01/2019)

On 1st January 2019, Food Donation event propelled at PCMC. A new year was welcomed by distributing foods to beggars and needy people in PCMC, Pune. Surya Foundation was delighted to feed nearly 200 people during this event

Blanket distribution (10/09/2018)

On 10th September 2018, Surya Foundation reached for the help of homeless people distributing blankets to the people sleeping on a footpath. During the mid-winters, the atmospheric temperature in Pune falls down gradually to low degrees and its shivery cold without woolen clothes. Thinking about the poor people sleeping along the roadside having no shelter to hid in, members at Surya Foundation decided to offer blankets and jackets as a help to this poor people. This distribution took place in PCMC at midnight at 12 am to 3am. 150 people sleeping on footpaths were given a blankets to pass the upcoming winter free of worry. 

Roti Day (01/03/2018)

The event took place on 1st March 2018 at PCMC entitled as a Roti Day. On this day, many roadside people and beggars were served food by the volunteers at Surya Foundation.


Food Distribution (01/01/2018)

The Food Distribution event took place in PCMC on 1st January 2018. Many roadside homeless people were served during this event on the occasion of New Year celebration.

The real celebration is when all our people will live with dignity and respect, blessed with good and healthy life, the day everyone will get rid from poverty and hunger and this shall be possible only when we all will come together and fight jointly to conquer over all sorrows.

Food Distribution (01/01/2017)

Hunger is a major problem faced all across the world. Millions of people goes hungry due to poverty and lack of availability of food. As usual food distribution was carried out by the members of Surya Foundation along with the start of New Year on 1st January 2017 in Pimpri–Chinchwad. The happy New Year was welcomed by feeding roadside beggars in Pimpri–Chinchwad.

Cloths donation (28/10/2016)

On 28th October 2016, second cloths donation drive was held in Kaspate Vasti which comprises of slum area occupied by 250 people. Rapid rural to urban migration, economic stagnation and depression, increasing unemployment, poverty, informal economy, natural disasters, politics and social conflicts has led poor class people in the country somewhere behind the economic standards of living. This cloth donation drive was held basically for these people.

In this event, two hundred kids and people were befitted by donated clothes. It’s better to donate that will bring a difference and happiness in someone’s life than to accumulate and waste.


Roti Day (01/03/2016)

Surya Foundation market 01/03/2016 as a Roti Day feeding food to animals in Pimpri, Pune.

People are busy in upgrading their standards of living without even thinking about their own pets and domestic animals and have occupied the land which was previously meant for these innocent animals. Lots of projects, big industries, and factories have occupied most of the lands and even search for pieces of it in the forest and agricultural land, destructing biodiversity and wildlife. This poor animal has become homeless and hinders along the streets and villages for shelter and goes hungry for days. Serving food to hungry animals is the greatest pride and glory.

Food Donation (1/1/16)

With the city’s affluence growing every day and due to lack of state and central government regulations, begging has been growing unabated as a profession during the last decade which has obviously ease with citizens who donates money to beggars. Food, clothes and shelter are a basic needs for any life. Donating food and clothes directly to beggars instead of giving money is always a better choice. Everyday one-two adds among beggars at the roadside, some are professional beggars, some are abandoned people, many are old-aged, mentally retarded and hence isolated by their families.

Looking at those impoverish people along the roadside Surya Foundation started a food donation campaign to help reduce the hunger from society and the first food donation event took place on 01/01/2016 by distributing meal to 150 beggars along the roadside on various locations in Pune. Their eyes sparkle by the firecrackers when looked up the infinite sky, welcoming the year with satiate stomach which would had remain hollow without food while whole world was busy celebrating.

This people have no one to look after them and goes hungry for days. They’d often pick chunks of food from the garbage bags and eat. This drive will continue further to erase hunger and malnutrition.

Cloths Donation (12/12/15)

Those innocent faces with bright hopes in their eyes, an eagerness to search and find something new from surround, that joyful energy in this small little life inhabiting in slum; Surya Foundation thought of visiting this unworldly kids with a motive of donating cloths to every child and on 12th December 2015, cloths donation drive took place in Thergaon, Pune.

Surya Foundation visited this slum area in Thergaon and gave away clothes to all 70 children residing in this area who struggles and waits for years to find a piece of cloth to cover their bare skin. Surya Foundation was glad to see the smiles on kids’ faces that glittered on receiving pair of new clothes. The joy seen was immense in the eyes of this kids.