Reading is great fun for many people, in fact, reading was a kind of personal entertainment and perhaps this is why it has been in the spotlight for many years. Reading develops our thoughts, gives us vast knowledge and lessons, thus keeping our mind healthy and active. Books hold all kinds of information, histories, thoughts, and feelings unlike anything else in this world. The importance of reading a book to help us learn and understand things cannot be underestimated. Books act as a mirror sometimes; you get acquainted with your own self. As everything is now available on the internet, access to books was somewhere minimized, but people have started realizing a difference between e-reading and print books. Though we can store hundreds of books in a single device and can even choose to read late at night, paper books are more optimum as there is no eye strain that is experienced while reading an e-book on an electronic device. Visiting a library is more fun without any doubts as it is a place where you will not only find free access to huge collection of books, newspapers, magazines etc. but a blissful environment for reading too.

           A library is not just a building where one can go and borrow books for a certain period of time. It is a place where you will find answers to almost all the questions and other informative material to read. A simple internet search will give you many results out of which not even a single will meet a relevant answer to your question. In that case, a library will find your way out where you shall have loads of information resource. To purchase every book of your interest may not be possible, hence the library provides an effective alternative where you need to pay small membership fees and you can explore a variety of books. A library is a communal place so adds to the importance of community in our lives. A library offers us education, entertainment, knowledge, and access to all sorts of books, magazines, music, and stories that we may never afford to buy in the bunch.

In a city like Pune, with increasing competition in all fields, finding a luxurious stay is certainly impossible. The rates of almost everything has aloft. Making available of all educational needs to their children in these extortionate market values has become difficult for parents. Books are a basic necessity of the students and everybody may not find respective study books in the academic library because there are less fewer print copies available at the library and insufficient to meet all the students. To purchase these books is very expensive for parents earning low income, and education fees have gone very high in recent years. Taking this situation into consideration, Surya Foundation is distributing notebooks at a very low and affordable price and for free to underprivileged children through an initiative ‘Education for All’. The cost at which notebooks are sold under this initiative is nearly 60% less than other notebooks available at the stationary. Surya Foundation also provides textbooks of all the subjects at a lowest plausible price. This NGO has always offered help to underprivileged students by providing them free notebooks and textbooks and arranging free classes to enhance their interest and enthusiasm towards education. Surya Foundation is also organizing free notebooks and textbook distribution programs in Pune. More than 500 students every year are receiving support through this initiative.

            Having a wide range of educational institutions, Pune emerges as a major educational hub and nearly half of the total international students in the country are studying in Pune. Understanding the basic availability of the students, Surya Foundation is planning to build India’s biggest central library in Pune, where various books will be available free of cost. All books from across the world will be accessible in this one place. At the same time, Surya Foundation will ensure that students will find a healthy environment for learning. All kinds of books required for the academic study and reference will be made available at this central library. We shall also make sure that every student shall be benefited through our skill development programs which will also be held within the library premises. Along with this, free learning and coaching classes will be conducted at the central library for underprivileged students and any extra support required for pursuing education will be provided by this NGO to the poor students. Establishing this central library in Pune will authenticate as the most vital and beneficial to many in academic and social lives.