SURYA Foundation recognizes the importance of volunteers, without them we would not have reached to this stage. A volunteer can be anyone – a student, an employee, relative, friend, a medical professional, a member of NGO/CSO/Association, etc. that believes in importance of social work. Join us as a volunteer to make a life changing difference.

SURYA Foundation will invite you to volunteer orientations, educational workshops and training programs of all volunteers that suit the individual interests as a

  1. Peer Educator: Conduct education/awareness programs on various topics in schools and colleges.
  2.  Events Volunteer: Encourage general public to register for the awareness events, walks and runs, hospital events, annual events, workshops and much more. Help in designing posters and banners for events.
  3. Fundraising Volunteer: Plan and execute activities that would help raising resources and in preparation of database, prepare mailers, and assemble information to disseminate it to potential financial donors
  4. Social Media Campaigner: Help us in reaching all sections of the community via different social media websites.

Volunteer Guidelines:

  1. All volunteers must understand that are a representative of SURYA Foundation and must abide by all the rules and regulations outlined by the foundation.
  2. Each volunteer is expected to spend at least 6 hours per week with the foundation or its related activities.
  3. All information obtained during volunteering is strictly confidential and all volunteers must abide by all the confidentiality regulations outlined by the foundation.
  4. Event volunteers are utilized on an as needed basis.
  5. A volunteer can freely express their opinion, views and ideas. In Surya Foundation we consider every ideas and suggestion from Volunteers
  6. Volunteers are required to cover personal and accommodation costs while working for the organization. (in some situation organization will support)
  7. Volunteers are allowed to raise funds through Online transfer, UPI, Monthly Support form, Website, etc. but except cash donations.