If you are aware of the problems of the society and want to bring change in the society, then you should become a volunteer of Surya Foundation. By becoming a volunteer, take the transformative learning experience of volunteering.

Become a volunteer of Surya Foundation and contribute to the cause of bringing change in society.

Surya Foundation believes that unless the members of the civil society are actively involved in the process of development, it is impossible to bring about lasting change in the society. We encourage and invite individuals for volunteer opportunities, share our common vision and purpose to be an active part of our organization and work for the social welfare by their invaluable contribution. Volunteers are the backbone of every organization – they not only carry the ideals of the organization within themselves but also spread the message far and wide, sensitizing society towards the cause.

SURYA Foundation invites you to volunteer orientation, educational workshops and training programs of all volunteers that suit the individual interests as a:

Peer Educator

Social Media Campaigner

Events Volunteer

Fundraising Volunteer