Awareness Campaign

  1. Statue cleaning

The work of statue cleaning took place at Nigdi on 19th April 2019 at the juncture of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar jayanti remembering the life long struggle of Dr. Ambedkar, for a modern India free of caste and other prejudices, ensuring equal rights for women and weaker sections.

All statues at Nigdi were cleaned by the volunteers and motivated people to contribute towards keeping their surrounding clean and green.

2. Tree Safety Awareness

The event was coordinate to spread the awareness among people about how the binding wires, banners and posters pinned on tree would affect the life of a tree. This not only affect the growth of a plant but can even strangle a tree. The event was lead from Authto Ravet on 4th November 2017.  There is no life without a tree. We have the ability to think, to understand, hence it’s our responsibility to nurture and protect our biodiversity.

 3.   Statue Cleaning

On the occasion of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Jayanti, an event of statue cleaning was conducted by Surya Foundation on 14th April 2017. This extreme work took place in Pimprigaon, Pune. The event was conducted to centralize the people’s attention towards keeping their surroundings clean and healthy. In this event all the statues in Pimpri were cleaned with enhanced support from the volunteers.

4.  Walk for Humanity

On 25th January 2017 Surya Foundation had organized a rally named as ‘Walk for Humanity’. The volunteers marched from Kalewadi Phata to Dange Chowk with banners and posters in their hands. The main aim behind this rally was to aware people to fight for their rights and freedom.

The members and volunteers at Surya Foundations brought forward many topics on social affairs and inspired people by spreading awareness and knowledge about society and its welfare. Many thoughts were extended infront of the people like save girl child and education a girl, save tree and protect the environment, stop child labor etc. and guided about different schemes and programs granted by the government. Just a small drive today from each one of us will result into great consequence tomorrow.

5.   Traffic awareness

The event took place at Dange Chowk, Thergao, Pune on 18th September 2016.All those who were found breaking the traffic rules were honored by giving a rose and loud applauds. Anguished with rising number of road accident cases in all parts of the country, the event was held to encourage people to follow the traffic rules by wearing helmets, follow traffic signs and signals, speed limits and giving signals while crossing or changing the lanes. If everybody started following all traffic rules, total numbers of accidents occurring will decrease at a sharp peak in India. The event was successfully carried out in collaboration with Saad Samajik Sanstha and PCMC RTO.